About us

ON THE morning of Friday July 17, 1964, the Premier of British Guiana, Dr. Cheddi Jagan and the leaders of the two main opposition parties, Mr. L.F.S Burnham and Mr. Peter D’Aguiar, were locked in a peace bid conference at the Premier’s office when a highly lethal bomb exploded at PPP headquarters, Freedom House. Michael Forde perished in that bombing, but the bookshop which was destroyed was renamed The Michael Forde Bookshop in his everlasting memory. more

This bookstore seeks to provide an atmosphere conducive for individuals to purchase books, congregate and discuss issues in a modern, trendy environment over tasty snacks and the best cappuccinos in town.

The facility includes a Bookstore where party literature and other books can be bought, Internet browsing via high-speed internet and comfortable workstations, Documentation Services and a Café serving delicious pastries and cappuccinos.